In addition to interior design, Casas Com Design also provides interior architecture services. This is a service that combines art and science to create, restore or readapt the interior of various buildings, such as homes, offices or other interior spaces.

The interior architecture service also involves the “conversion” of one type of space in another different (e.g. transforming offices into housing).

Interior architecture

We analyze your home or room and structure it in the most functional way possible so that you can take advantage of all the space you have available intelligently, ensuring the aesthetics and harmony of the environment.

How does the Interior Architecture service work?

The architect designs and designs the entire structure of a building or interior space taking into account the client’s objectives. It is natural that in this service the architect not only design the interior architecture, but also work directly with the builder, contractor and other construction technicians, especially if it is a new construction or a large renovation.

Our architects are experts, with extensive experience and follow the various stages of elaboration of each project.

We design the architecture of houses, commercial, business and tourist spaces.

We are located on Avenida de Paris, 4D 1000-228 Lisbon.

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