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At Casas Com Design we carry out interior design and decoration projects tailored to the wishes of our clients, always using our experience and knowledge of 10 years in interior design to ensure the aesthetics of the spaces, but also their use and functionality.

We are specialists in interior design

Bedroom Interior Design Project
kitchen interior design project
interior room design project

We completely restyle your home, the choice is yours!

We carry out all kinds of decoration and interior design projects:

  • Interior designs of houses
  • Interior projects of companies
  • Interior designs of commercial spaces
  • Outdoor projects

  • Bedroom interior designs
  • Room interior designs
  • Kitchen interior designs
  • Bathroom interior designs

How does it work?

After contact, we always work closely to the customer in order to know him/her well, his/her preferences, tastes, personality and needs. As well as its space (whether complete house or a single room), we try to know all the dynamics that the client lives within it (for example, if he/she lives alone, with children or animals, time spent indoors, etc.). Only then can we guarantee the best design for you!

Step by step of a Decoration and Interior Design Project

1. Contact us

The first step is to contact us by phone 962 938 167,
or by filling out the form. Soon after, it will be scheduled an introductory meeting, face-to-face or online, where it is explained in detail how we carry out the interior design service.

2. Get to know the customer and gather information

From here, we will get as much information as possible about your goals, tastes and preferences for the interior design project, in order to plan the project and budget. We seek to know better the client and the dynamics of the space to be remodeled.

3. Create the Interior Design Project

Based on the needs and tastes of the client we will present you the Moodboard where we include all the products designed for the division, the planning and organization that we have thought for your space, as well as the project budget. Later there is room for discussion of ideas. If moodboard is not enough, there is the possibility to complement the presentation with 3D Project so you can have a close view of how your home will be if you choose to follow our suggestions.

4. Production, assembly and installation

Accepted the interior design project by the customer and we move on to the stage of ordering all products and manufacturing, if applicable, since Casas Com Design also offers the service of Custom Furniture and Own Manufacture of various decoration products. Finally, the last step of the interior decoration project will be the assembly and installation of the products. The design always ends with a happy customer.


What is a house with design?

A House With Design is not just a house with beautiful décor. A Casa Com Design is a house structured and organized intelligently, with use of the area (be it a large or small house) in view, yes, the beauty and aesthetics of the décor, but also the functionality of the environment.

Why hire an interior designer?

When it comes to remodeling a space it is necessary to take into account several factors besides aesthetic beauty. An interior design specialist can take advantage of all available space and structure it in the best possible way, according to the tastes, objectives and budget of the client. The organization of the movement is a starting point, and the division of space can be carried out through walls, furniture and even objects. At the same time, the interior designer is attentive to the conditions of comfort (thermal, luminous or even acoustic), as well as ergonomics.

Can I be the designer himself?

There are those who choose to be the “own” designer and decorate the space in their own way, which does not always go well for reasons of inexperience and can lead to further damage. That is why it is increasingly common to turn to interior design companies such as Casas com Design. Casas com Design’s team of interior designers is made up of experts who have worked with hundreds of clients and are used to doing design projects of all kinds.

Is it possible to take advantage of the online architecture and interior design service?

It is also possible, through the internet, to carry out all the steps of interior design project totally online. Using photographs and videoconferencing the work of interior designers has become easier and more accurate, because it is possible to know the space and the client without travel from both parties. Casas com Design leaves this option at your disposal. Just contact us and we will help you with all the questions. If you need it, you can also visit our Showroom at Avenida de Paris, 4C, 1000-228, Lisbon.

What is interior design?

Often, interior design is confused with interior decoration, a misconception generated by prejudices and misunderstandings. The choice of finishes, colors and finishes is, in fact, an important aspect of interior design. But it’s not your only trait.
First, it is essential to understand the behaviors and desires of the client to create pleasant and functional spaces. The organization of the movement is a starting point, and the division of space can be carried out through walls, furniture and even objects.
At the same time, the interior design should be aware of the conditions of comfort (thermal, luminous or even acoustic), as well as ergonomics.
Finally, the specification of coatings and materials constitutes the most visible and superficial part of interior design conveying the designer’s vision as well as the desires and needs of customers.

How much does a decoration and interior design project cost?

The value of an architecture and interior design project depends on several factors, from the type of spaces, number of divisions and of course, the customer’s own choices. Of the different services we offer the customer can choose several
at their disposal on our website. Our team is 100% available online to talk to you about your needs and make a cost estimate for an interior design and decoration project. Just contact us online, or by phone – 962 938 167


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