Everything you need to know about an interior design project

27 Jan 2022 | Projects

Modern Flat interior design

An interior design project is the dream of many people when it comes to their home. Being able to count on the help of an interior design professional to transform your beloved home into an intelligent, organized, harmonious, functional and visually aesthetic home is anyone’s dream. But we know that this is a decision that is not taken lightly and requires a number of considerations.

Thinking about it, we’ve developed a detailed guide to the walkthrough of an interior design project. Of course, we were based on the procedure we developed here at Casas Com Design. So we’ve gathered the points that we consider essential to clarify you before deciding to move forward with an interior design project.

3D interior design project

What is an interior design project?

If you’ve come this far, you may already have an idea of what an interior project is all about. But from our experience, we know that interior design is often confused with interior decoration… But this is a limiting comparison. In the article“After all, what is a house with design?», we clarify in detail that interior design goes far beyond a beautiful decoration.

The choice of materials, colours and finishes is, in fact, an important aspect of interior design. But it’s not its only trait. First, it is essential to understand the behaviors and desires of the client to create pleasant and functional spaces. The organization of the movement is a starting point, and the division of space can be carried out through walls, furniture and even objects. At the same time, the interior design should be aware of the conditions of comfort (thermal, luminous or even acoustic), as well as ergonomics.

An interior designer can take advantage of all available space and structure it in the best possible way, according to the tastes, objectives and budget of the client.

servico_aconselhamento servico_aconselhamento

The interior design project consists of a complete and detailed study of your home, your needs and the potential of your space in order to make the better use of it. Another great advantage is that you can have a very realistic view of how it will be the end result of your home, before even making any purchase of furniture, through the 3D project. Now that we’ve contextualized you on the interior design project, let’s go straight to the step by step.

Step by step of an interior design project

#1 First contact

The first step to take is undoubtedly to contact us. You can do this in a variety of ways (email, phone, social media, physical store or form on the website), but we always like the first contact with our customers to be as close as possible. When a first face-to-face contact is not possible, we make a call with our potential client. This first phase is excellent for dispel any doubts you may have. At no cost to you, you can immediately ask us your main questions and we will clarify you in the best possible way about how we develop the interior design project.

After the first contact we will send you a presentation with all the design packages we carry out, project prices, as well as some ideas and samples from previous projects. From there… It’s up to you! We wait for the green light to schedule the first project meeting that, depending on your needs, may be online or face-to-face.


#2 Meeting the customer

This is probably the most important step of the project. The interior professional knows very well the techniques and design tools, knows how to combine the elements, how to organize the spaces and will certainly know how everything looks better in the project. However, it is the client who knows the needs, because he/her is the one who lives in the house. So the initial big challenge is to establish this relationship of trust in which the interior design company seeks to know its client very well, for example:

  • their needs, difficulties and priorities;
  • what is the purpose of each environment;
  • to whom that space is intended;
  • and of course, what your tastes are!

As for the customer, it is important that the client knows well their needs and requirements and knows how to expose them clearly, so that the design professional can meet their expectations as accurate as possible. For example, there will be people who work from home, others who use the kitchen a lot and have children, others who live alone and do little use of the kitchen, etc. etc… As you can see each house is a case and there are no two projects alike! All these aspects will be taken into account. It is at the first meeting that we do this and that the client grants the project if he/she chooses to move forward with us.

Antes do projeto de interioresOpen Space Makeover Interior Design Project
— Before and after the “OPEN SPACE MAKEOVER” interior design —

What if I don’t know what I want?

No problem. As specialists in the field we are also used to having clients who do not know very well what they want for their homes. In that case we provide the proper advice in order to introduce the client to this new world of interior design. It is often also common to ask the customer to send some images of decorated house environments that are appealing to them. This is a more visual way to get to know the customer better as well as their tastes.

#3 Interior design project development

After we start our partnership, we will begin by developing our initial ideas and presenting them to the customer on a moodboard. Through it we make a combination of the furniture, colors, textures and materials to be used in the project. This is one of the ways to present our proposal to the customer that follows along with the budget of the chosen furniture and services.


At this stage we can reconvene, exchange ideas and the client decides whether to move forward with the project or if he/she would like to make some adjustments, such as changing pieces of furniture that do not please him/her or other components presented.

3D design

The 3D project is a project presentation alternative that you can choose from. This is a very popular option among our customers who, for the most part, cannot accurately visualize how the end result will be through the moodboard or 2D design project, so there is always the possibility to opt for the 3D project,in which you will have an almost real view of how your home will look at the end.

— Example of a 3D project for an interior project that we are conducting —

#4 Visiting your place

In addition to asking you to plan the house, we usually visit the space of intervention of the interior project to have a better understanding of the space, take measurements, evaluate the natural light of the environments, determine needs and define strategies. There is no specific time to make this visit, depending on the project and the needs of each case so will be scheduled the visit to the space at the appropriate time.

#5 Project closure and production phase

After making the necessary adjustments, the client closes the project with us by granting 50% of the budget. From there we move on to the most time-consuming phase of the whole process, the production and/or ordering of the furniture. Depending on your initial choices that may include custom furniture, upholstery or custom fabrics, ordering items of designer brand,among other decoration services, the time until delivery will be more or less prolonged, but we will always give you a deadline for delivery.

#6 Assembly

The process ends with the assemblies of all the constituent elements of the project. Usually the entire process that involves interior design from step #1 to #5 lasts about 90 days. But, we emphasize that depending on your choices and needs it may vary.

projeto de interiores casas com design— Interior design project «MODERN FLAT» —

How much does an interior design cost?

At Casas Com Design we offer different design packages depending on the needs of the client. The interior design project itself starts at €250, if it’s just a single room. This budget will be higher as you choose more divisions or even the entire house and, of course, also varies to the square meter. So it is impossible to present a fixed value. The final cost of the project including all decoration and furniture services varies depending on the brands you choose, and we have several options for different budgets.

The relationship with the customer

We could not fail to mention the most relevant factor for us, which is the relationship with the customer. We know how important is the place that the house occupies in each person’s life and, as such, all the decisions and choices that surround it. Therefore, we are concerned with creating a relationship of trust and closeness with the client, so that they feel comfortable to share with us their doubts and hesitations, but also where they feel safe and confident to move forward with our proposals. To do this, we always keep in touch with the customer and we are available to answer your questions throughout the process.

— Interior design «TINY BUT FUNCTIONAL» —

Before you go, what you really have to know

And also because this article is already long, we leave you a list of factors that you can not fail to analyze before deciding to move forward in project with us!


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